Kickstarter launch and why it is so important to us…

Hi all,

Just a quick post regarding the Kickstarter campaign for Episode 2 (+ Episode 1 Redux) that launched towards the end of last week and just why it is so important to us.

Not only is the campaign essential for Episode 2’s development, video games are extremely time consuming and expensive to produce, it is also critical for the survival of Polypusher Studios. For those of you who don’t know much about us, we are a small family run development studio with myself being the sole developer.

For the last 4 years we have been totally self funded using personal credit and my wife’s salary, and we’ve always seemed to scrape through. The 2 years of development Montague’s Mount Episode 1 took was a real burden upon us, but with its release saw some revenue which kept us going to bit longer.

Around christmas time our publisher for Montague’s Mount, Mastertronic, went bust which stopped us in our tracks a bit. We basically lost all our Marketing and PR power overnight. Being a sole developer and trying to handle social media etc is just too much.

Also around this time we found out we were expecting triplets which turned our entire world upside down.


Everything was placed on hold and our lives became one of purely changing nappies and making bottles. We are at the stage now where I am able to get back into the office, but it is all too apparent that Sinead wont be able to return to her job for a while, probably not for another year. With our ability to fund ourselves being removed I can’t see a way for us to continue for more than a couple of months.

If this Kickstarter was successful, it would get us through to the new year and give us a product to take to sale, which would hopefully bring in some revenue that could keep us going once again. Our studio really is on that much of a knife edge.

More information on the Kickstarter can be found here.

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Montague’s Mount Episode 2 + Episode 1 Redux + Kickstarter

Hi all,

We at Polypusher Studios are pleased to announce that Montague’s Mount Episode 2 is coming, and has been in development now for the last month; but it’s not really Episode 2, it’s a new full Montague’s Mount experience. The episodic nature of the game was never the original plan but was born out of us being a very small development studio and needing something to release as soon as possible. The full game would have just taken too long to produce in one hit and the costs would have been too high for us to sustain.

The back story has already been fleshed out, as have the various puzzle elements required for the final section. A lot of the assets are already done as they will be coming over from the initial release.

The original release of Montague’s Mount was initially met with mixed feelings from the public and especially the press. This was partially rectified with subsequent updates, but the damage had already been done to some extent. So with this final release we are revisiting Episode 1 to bring it up-to-date and to make it the game it had the potential to be.

This redux will include:

  • New Engine and new materials & lighting model.
  • Bug fixes across the entire game.
  • New puzzles and content.
  • Official controller support.
  • New character models and animations.
  • Optimization.
  • New anytime saving feature (losing the checkpoint system!).
  • Customer feedback and improvements.

We have also been keeping a keen eye on the Steam product support forum and noting down everything that people have liked and disliked, and we WILL be acting on these. What you disliked will be rectified and what you liked will be enhanced.

We are hoping to get all this done and to you by end of this year.

Ultimately, the current Montague’s Mount incarnation will cease to exist upon it’s completion. That said, there will be a reduced cost upgrade available for all owners of the current game, so they will only be buying ‘Episode 2’ in effect; they will then get the new complete version.

All these changes to the original game will make it a new game and experience; the experience it should have always been!

We will be launching a small Kickstarter campaign over the coming days to help with it’s development, more on this as we approach it’s launch.

Matt (Montague’s Mount Project Lead).