Montague’s Mount Definitive Edition Alpha access

Montagues Mount Definitve Edition

Welcome to the Montague’s Mount Definitive Edition Alpha Access pass.

What is the Montague’s Mount Definitive Edition?
The Definitive Edition is a new complete Montague’s Mount experience which combines the original episode 1 with the finale, plus enhancements to the story, puzzles, environments and underlying game engine. It is for all intensive purposes a new game, only the backstory is the same as the initial release. This Definitive Edition will include:

  • New Engine with new materials & lighting model. For this we are moving the development from the Unity engine to Unreal Engine 4.
  • Bug fixes across the entire game.
  • New puzzles and content, including enlarged areas to allow for more exploration.
  • Official controller support.
  • New character models and animations.
  • New anytime saving feature (yes the checkpoint system is going!).
  • Customer feedback from the original release and improvements.
Montague's Mount Definitive Edition Starting Beach
Montague’s Mount Definitive Edition Starting Beach

What is the Alpha Access pass?
The Alpha Access pass gives you the opportunity to financially support the Definitive Edition and contribute directly to it’s development. You will get access to the weekly development builds, road map, and the bug tracking software.

How will the builds be delivered to me?
All development will be carried out on a Windows PC and distributed via the Steam Client. Whilst the final release will be made available on various platforms and through multiple distribution portals, it makes sense to distribute development builds via the Steam platform as it is streamlined for incremental updates.

Montague's Mount Definitive Edition Starting Beach
Montague’s Mount Definitive Edition Starting Beach

How much is the Definitive Edition Alpha Access pass?
Euro 8.99 (or equivalent in your local currency). For this you get access to the weekly development builds, your name in the game’s ‘Contributors’ thank yous, plus I’ll send you Steam key for the original Montague’s Mount game (PC, Mac or Linux). It is envisaged that the launch price will be around the Euro 17 mark.

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Can I just donate to the project?
You most certainly can! Just click the ‘Donate’ link below and give whatever you would like. I’ll add your details to the game’s thank you credits. If you donate more than Euro 8.99, we’ll obviously send you an Alpha Access pass.

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*note: The game is currently in early alpha version. It is not complete, all content is WIP and subject to change. It will be constantly expanded as we move toward the completed game.